Pre Training

At Ballyjennings Stables we Pre Train Race Horses to get them ready to head off to the Race Track.From yearlings upwards we break and get them cantering so that when they go to their Trainer they are ready to start work for the track.We also train Horses here to run in Point to Points and amoungst the Horses that have been pre trained are
Miwali - CadSpeed - Pallas Marano - Quetwo - Slapper - Theres No Doubt - Callelonian - Can u See Me Now - Ballinakill Boy.

We also Break in young Horses and ponies of all Disciplines. We have Broken in Ponies , Cobs and Horses for Dressage, Show Jumping , Showing, Eventing and Racing.

For more details
Contact Fintan - 087 2951627